About Batam

Batam Island is one of the main islands in the Riau Archipelago of Indonesia. Batam is most famous for its beautiful sea beaches as well as for its sea food. Batam Islands are so near to Singapore, that Singaporean’s often come to Batam Island to spend their w eekend and this is exactly how this place became popular. The place only comes second to Bali in the matter of tourist attraction. The government has taken various steps to make the place even more attractive to the  visitors. Batam can be reached via airways as flights land from the various airports of the world. The transportation available here are mainly taxis, air-coaches and mini-buses or even a private car. Night life is very active in the cities. Discos and bars come to life with the sunset. These places are teeming with people upon nightfall. 

Batam is very famous for shopping as it is a duty-free island and so every kind of good can easily be found and bought from this place. This is a haunt for shoppers who come to Indonesia. The delicacies of Batam are surely unforgettable as this place is mainly mous for seafood. The various restaurants serve special items. The menus are full of a variety of mouth watering Indonesian food. Anyone would enjoy a stay here at Batam where there is something for everybody. For those who love adventure sports there are the many activities that visitor can take part in. for those who love to enjoy the beauty of nature can head towards the beautiful beaches. The foodies can find their own restaurants. The shopaholics will find all kinds of shopping plazas and malls.

Batam is one of the fastest growing regions in Indonesia, with annual population growth currently estimated at close  to 10% and reaching 11% a year over the inter-census period to March 2010. The population increase is being driven by rapid industrial development spurred by Batam’s status as a Free Trade Zone and its being designated as part of a Riau Islands Special Economic Zone by the Indonesian and Singapore governments in June 2006. Manufactures contribute about 60% of the city’s economy.

Batam is a roughly oval island with many bays, islets, and peninsulas, located west of Bintan Island, south of Singapore, north of Rempang and Galang, and east of Bulan Island. The Riau Strait separates Batam and Bintan. Batam Municipality covers 3,990 km², of which 1,040km² is land, a figure which includes some land reclamation. However, Barelang Island (not actually one but three) covers roughly 715 km² of that 1,040 km², and Batam island itself covers only about 410 km² out of the total. The bulk of the Municipal population resides on Batam island.

Batam has a tropical climate with average temperatures between 26 and 32 °C. Humidity on the island ranges from 73% to 96%. The wet season spans from November to April, while the dry season is from May to October. Average annual rainfall is around 2,600 mm.